The Makers Empire product development team have been very busy over the last few months.  So we are very excited to announce some exciting new features in the latest update of our 3D printing software app.

The biggest change we’ve introduced – you now gain experience points and level up the more you use the app! Most things you do will grant experience points (completing tutorials, logging in daily, etc.).
Unlocking shapes
When creating a new account, you will have ~ 10 basic shapes to use in the Shaper module with the rest appearing as locked. Each time you level up you receive tokens, which can be used to unlock shapes and expand your design capabilities.
Shape Explorer
In order to browse available and popular shapes, we’ve added the Shape Explorer! It displays information about each shape and serves as a tool for you to plan your next unlock or get inspiration for your next design. We also offer fantastic looking shape packs which contain up to 12 shapes for one discounted cost.If you simply can’t choose, try the Lucky Dip machine – insert one token and receive a completely random shape!
Improved Graphics
Leaving the editor has never been so hard! Real-time lighting, reflections and dynamic shadows make it easier for you to design and make your creations look roughly 1036 times more impressive than previous.
Mesh Import
If you’ve ever wanted to import your own STLs for use in Makers Empire, well – now’s your chance! We’ve added a simple step by step process that first ensures your STL is printable before finally adding it to your drawer (you’ll find it in the ‘imported’ category). This feature allows you to import anything made outside of Makers Empire into our editor for easier editing.
Colour Properties
When you edit a colour you can now alter the reflectiveness, smoothness and bumpiness of the finish using simple sliders. Have fun making gleaming metallic parts!
User Avatars
You can now choose an avatar to represent you in the Makers Empire world. Accessed via the new profile screen, you start with four avatars to choose from and unlock extras as you level up.
User Display
You can browse a user’s profile (including their stats) by pressing on their profile picture when browsing designs.
Comment Replies
If you want to directly reply to comments, it’s now possible. Replies to comments will be displayed nested underneath the original.
3D  Text
Adding text in the editor has been slightly changed – after adding text with the add text button you can alter its properties (font and input) by selecting it, instead of it being always visible in the right panel.
We would love your feedback and are already working on even more features!
You can download the App here: