LEO the Maker Prince is a charming children’s book about a girl who meets a maker prince robot called Leo, who teaches her about ways 3D printing is used in the real world.

leo carla 3d printing

This is an extract:

“I quickly pulled some paper and a ball point pen out of my knapsack and began drawing the best sheep I could muster… Lines poured out through the pen and onto the paper, and lo and behold, I had drawn a sheep!

“…more graceful robot arm ballet happened before my eyes, as layer after layer of plastic was placed on top of one another. Eventually I could see the sheep’s legs take form, and then the body and finally the head!”

LEO the Maker Prince is about Carla’s first experience with 3D printing. Through LEO, we go around Brooklyn, New York, looking at different practical examples of the application of 3D printing — from prototyping to jewelry design.

Lap Leung from Makers Empire, met the lovely author Carla Diana recently in New York.

makers empire

Lap said, “Half way around the world we were delighted to meet Carla, who is passionate about helping children and adults learn about with possibilities of design and 3D printing. It was great to hear about the hard work and dedication it took to bring LEO The Maker Prince to life. What a magical way to explain to children what is 3D printing is.”

LEO The Maker Prince is beautifully presented and a colourful way for young children to learn about 3D printing without the technical jargon. You can also download the characters from the book and then 3D print them yourself on your own 3D printer.

Carla Diana, author LEO The Maker Prince, said, “It was so exciting to connect with Lap and think about the LEO and Carla story making its way to Australia. Since the next book will tackle drawing and 3D modelling, it was inspiring to get a tour through the amazing app that Makers Empire has created to help kids create in 3D.”