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  • 3D Printing Safety in Schools

    Safety issues and location Elementary/primary and middle schools need to think about safety. High school workshops are likely to have proper exhaust systems and teachers used to working around dangerous equipment - this is often not available in K-8 schools. A quick summary of safety recommendations we have seen: Enclosed printers - so children can't...

  • Cubicon Single Help – tips and tricks

    Our Cubicon Single was working OK for about a week and then it stopped. The printer does an 8 step auto-bed level before every print, this means the bed is motorized, which is great! However, for this to work the bed must be within certain tolerances and I guess ours was out. During the 8...

  • Cubicon Single – benchy

    We recently received a Cubicon Single and I wanted to document our journey with it and its suitability to elementary or primary school classrooms. Here is a Verbatim PLA benchy with a bunch of paperclip/lace clips. You can see some warping on the clips and some didn't stick well enough - this was disappointing. I...

  • 4 essential things to consider when buying a 3D printer

    At Makers Empire we are continually testing different 3D printers in our office - we probably have the printers running 30 hours+ a week. These printers mostly fall in the $1,000-$2,000 range as  we want to test the latest printers for their suitability in terms of schools. There are four essential things you need to consider when buying a 3D printer: Size of the...

  • Top 10 3D printers as reviewed by Make: magazine

    Make: magazine recently did a comprehensive review of 26 different 3D printers. It chose 10 printers as Standouts: Best in shootout print quality / overall winner: Ultimaker 2 Thin wallet win: Printrbot Simple Metal Most maker machine: Lulzbot Taz 4 Feature packed: Replicator 5th Generation Happy mediums: Zortrax and Ditto Pro Rookie of the year:...